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CONFIDANTCooperation of Nodes, Fairness in Dynamic Ad-Hoc Networks
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Then, there are other perks that the Confidants can unlock later on in the title.
Nawaz wants confidant to next in command but Gen has his own preference
The post Myanmar's parliament elects Suu Kyi confidant as president appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Michelson presents readers with a biography of Yehiel Kadishai, the right-hand man and chief confidant of Menachem Begin over the several decades between BeginAEs years with the opposition in the desert to his years as prime minister of Israel.
In a resolution, the high court said it approved the "negotiation by the Bar Confidant with the UST for the use of the latters campus and facilities for the subject Bar Examinations.
The examinations started last October 5 with 6,344 law graduates who were accredited by the SC's Office of the Bar Confidant.
Both 24-year-old Bilawal and his father will make speeches at the event to be held outside the Bhutto family's mausoleum near the PPP's stronghold of Naudero, said the confidant who did not want to be named.
The Olmert confidant said the prime minister will announce his formal resignation "immediately following the vote.
Watson who served as friend, confidant, and assistant to Sherlock Holmes.
I am very excited about the opportunities ahead and feel confidant the coming years will prove to be extremely rewarding," said Mr.
Morgan has served as the command's top enlisted Soldier--and a confidant to civilian workers--during the entire course of the War on Terrorism.
s confidant and, arguably, as the person most responsible for importing the idea of nonviolent social change to America, Rustin shaped the Civil Rights Movement from its earliest days.