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CONFIDENCEContent, Organization, Notes, Friendliness, Impression,. Dedication, Empathy, Newness, Conviction, Enthusiasm
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This gentleman, it may be remembered, had especially recommended himself to my confidence by his friendly interference when the sheriff's officers were in search of my husband's papers.
She stopped, and looked at me doubtingly, as if she felt far from sure, poor soul, of winning my confidence to begin with.
"You don't know how your confidence touches me," she said, without looking up.
With what respect and what confidence the latter received all his decisions!
Acting on this idea when I purchased the lady's tea at Ipswich, I also bought on my own account that far-famed pocket-manual of knowledge, 'Joyce's Scientific Dialogues.' Possessing, as I do, a quick memory and boundless confidence in myself, I propose privately inflating my new skin with as much ready-made science as it will hold, and presenting Mr.
Inhabitants, return with confidence to your abodes!
Wopsle, indeed, wildly cried out "No!" with the feeble malice of a tired man; but, as he had no theory, and no coat on, he was unanimously set at nought - not to mention his smoking hard behind, as he stood with his back to the kitchen fire to draw the damp out: which was not calculated to inspire confidence.
You will strain at a gnat in the way of trustfulness and confidence, however fairly won and well deserved; but you will swallow a whole caravan of camels, if they be laden with unworthy doubts and mean suspicions.
All accidents which have as yet happened there arose from too much confidence in the Indians."
So far from troubling you with any new confidence, I merely wish to remind you what the old one was.
And although he had the confidence, to deny the administration, he had not the power, to deny the nature.
Without intending it, he had betrayed his sister's confidence; he was not enough interested in human life to see where things will lead to.