CONHCollege of Nursing and Health (Wright State University; Dayton, OH)
CONHCongenital Optic Nerve Hypoplasia
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The urea molecules can be released slowly from the obtained copolymer materials in water through a combination of hydrolysis of the formed CONH bonds and diffusion through the polymer mass, so that the rates of urea release are sensitive to the copolymer composition, structure, and average molecular weights.
5b; the increase of value with frequency is not attributed to the imidization process but the breakage of CONH (1601 [cm.
Emergence of a band at 1450 cm-1 owing to the bending vibrations of NH in CONH groups confirms the formation of urethane and urea linkages in the PUU backbone [13].
1] (stretching vibration of CONH group), and 3300 c[m.