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CONICCoordinadora Nacional Indigena y Campesina (Guatemala)
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The use of projection planes based on cylinders, cones and planes has led to projections being described and classified variously as Conic, Cylindrical, Azimuthal and in various categories in between.
With the help of the conic equations of [S.sub.n] and [M.sub.n], one obtains the second shaping equation:
In this section, we will prove that the switching system (1) has an invariant conic [x.sup.2] + [cy.sup.2] = 1, c [member of] R, and there exists a large limit cycle in switching system (1).
Part (a) of our proof works if instead on H we take any hyperplane U [contais] L (since as in the first part we exclude the existence of a conic D with deg([Res.sub.U](Z)) [greater than or equal to] 2t).
To achieve coma-free performance, Jim elected to make a primary mirror with a conic constant of -1.35 (which is "overcorrected" relative to the paraboloid used in a conventional Newtonian) matched with a 2-element, sub-diameter corrector lens.
Let us recall the expressions involved in the definition of conic conformal mappings.
The topics include before calculus, limits and continuity, the derivative in graphing and applications, principles of integral evaluation, mathematical modeling with differential equations, infinite series, and parametric and polar curves from conic sections.
Management now looks for fiscal 2013 earnings to conic in between $1.50 and $1.55 per share, compared with the range of $1.51 to $1.58 announced on May 29 and the $1.57 average among analysts surveyed by FactSet.
Two inverted conic parts are perfectly adjusted when closing, giving the impression of finesse and precision.
The aim of this paper is to describe the space oblique conic (SOC) projection for SLR image data based on simulating the physical processes and geometric relations of imaging with SLR.
Concentric AB (STO: CONIC.ST), a Swedish hydraulics technology company, announced on Tuesday, that on 13 August 2013, it transferred 64,308 own shares as part of the consideration to the seller of LICOS Trucktec GmbH.
Prudential recognizes that in order to succeed we need the diverse backgrounds, viewpoints and ideas of many people working together to create value for our customers, employees and shareholders," said Ignace Conic, vice president, Diversity.