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CONIOConsole Input Output (C programming language header file <conio.h>)
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The first who gave renown to this soldiery was Alberigo da Conio,[*] the Romagnian.
[*] Alberigo da Conio. Alberico da Barbiano, Count of Cunio in Romagna.
"Many companies believe buying a technology is the only task that is required to benefit from all advantages of the Industry 4.0 framework," says Teknoweb's Conio. "Unfortunately you must be aware the company must adopt a new methodology to handle the machinery.
Conio: Challenges that converting industries have to face are coming from increases in product segmentation to catch all growth and cover all customer needs and all possible niches.
La mise en oeuvre de tels projets d'enseignement necessiterait la collaboration entre plusieurs membres d'une ecole et un temps important d'elaboration des nouvelles pratiques scolaires, ce qui pourrait constituer un frein a leur mise en oeuvre (Brandt-Pomares, Aravecchia, Bally, Buisson -Fenet, Conio, & Francois, 2008).
The genus Coniochaetidium has been described by Malloch and Cain [8], for the non- ostiolate counterparts of Coniochaeta; both genera have been classified in the family Conio chaetaceae, characterized by unitunicate asci and by 1-celled, pigmented ascospores provided with a germ slit.