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CONJConjunctival (relating to the layer of tissue beneath the cornea)
CONJCanadian Oncology Nursing Journal
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iND father CONJ mother CONJ son 'We are three: the father, the mother and the son.
Um exemplo concreto de uma adaptacao semelhante e a forma "se", que no CETEMPublico apresenta valores de frequencia para cinco categorias distintas e que foi integrada no P-PAL como uma unica entrada associada as categorias CONJ subordinada e PRON pessoal.
But even if we assume that only ADVRS and NEG are real extensions, and that all CONJ and DISJ loans replace what would have been an occurrence of a native marker in 'pure' Otomi, we would still have a low 21.
6) seya yo boxi-wa kewa-di ena ye-to-tolo chair CONJ bOX-GIVEN top-3PL.
do pok; matar-PERE3 DEM ver-PEREINV 3sG compa OBV CONJ.