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CONJConjunctival (relating to the layer of tissue beneath the cornea)
CONJCanadian Oncology Nursing Journal
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(5) Ja keik Egiptusserahwas kaevasid joe umber, and all the Egyptian people dug around the river et nemmad saa-ksi-d wet ju-a (COLE, Bible 1739) CONJ they SAA-COND-PL water:PRTV drink-INF 'And all the Egyptian people dug around the river, so that they could drink water' Personal resultative constructions formed with the active participle accounted for 10% of the sample.
tanimu=ksi chuchundi-echa chupi-s-o-ti, ka ma xunhapi-s-ti three=3PL.SUJ glass-PL blue-PFVE-PRES-3IND CONJ one green-PFVO-3IND
The first entry is the head word (in blue, bold font), followed by a phonetic transcription [in square brackets and red], parts of speech (i.e., n, pro, v, adj, adv, prep, conj, and interj, in black), and English definitions, beginning with the most frequently used, followed by Iban example sentences (in blue italics) and sentence translations (again, in black).
You can even use the controller in conj unction with a tablet, PC or TV, and turn your mobile phone into a second screen for playing back your best clips.
(6.) Jalalpour Sh, Kermanshahi R, Nouhi A, Esfahani HZ.Surveying the frequency of Beta lactamase enzyme and antibiotic sensitive pattern isolated pathogen bacterial from low and high Hospital conj Surfaces.
Empre endimento Contrato Fase do PMCMV 1 Residencial 0307.140-87 1 Perolas do Rio Branco I 2 Residencial 0295.537-09 1 Cruviana I 3 Residencial 0295.542-74 1 Cruviana II 4 Residencial 0367.701-30 2 Perolas do Rio Branco II 5 Residencial 0368.593-42 2 Perolas do Rio Branco III 6 Residencial 0376.705-67 2 Perolas do Rio Branco IV 7 Conj. hab.
Tabela 4 Numero de Exposicoes de Cada Participante aos Blocos de Pre-Treino, Ensino de Discriminacces Condicionais e Testes de Equivalencia ate a Obtencao do Criterio de Acertos Participante Pre-treino AB Visual Fading Auditivo Visual Out Visual TAL 1 (a) 1 (a) 1 Conj. 1 4 Conj.
Combination rules of the two- and three-word phrases Three-word phrase Two-word phrase combination rules combination rules Noun + noun + noun (nnn) Adjective + noun (an) Noun + adjective + noun (nan) Verb + adv (va) Noun + prep + noun (npn) Verb + noun (vn) Verb + noun + noun (vnn) Noun + Verb (nv) Noun + noun + verb (nnv) Noun + noun (nn) Noun + Verb + noun (nvn) Adjective + noun + verb (anv) Noun + conj + noun (ncn)
Tabela 1: Distribuio geral de ocorrecias na amostra (N = 68.764) Codificacao % Tepe/vibrante 29,2 Aproximante (retroflexa/alveolar) 14,1 Fricativa (velar/glotal) 0,4 Apagamento 56,3 Tabela 2: Distribuicao geral de (-r) de acordo com classe morfologica e estilo de fala Conversacao Depoimento N % N % Morfema de [empty set] 1842 97 148 33 infinitivo R 50 3 298 67 (fazer) 1892 446 Conj./Prep.
Abreviaturas ASERT Asertivo CL Clasificador CON Contemporaneo Conj Conjugacion DU Dual ENF Enfatico EXCL Exclusivo EXHORT Exhortativo FOC Focalizador FUT Futuro IMP Imperativo INCL Inclusivo I Inmediato INTENS Intensivo INTROD Introductorio LOC ADV locucion adverbial NEG Negativo OBJ Objeto PA Pasado anterior PL Plural POT Potencial PR Pasado reciente PRES Presente PRON Pronombre vintr Verbo intransitivo Vrefl Verbo reflexivo vtr Verbo transitivo Bibliografia citada
288.169 icchadyasadbhave (icchadisadbhave conj.), p.