CONLAMICNational Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders
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In a recent letter to CONLAMIC members, Reverend Rivera tells the story of how he was introduced to The Sed de Saber(TM) English Language Learning Initiative.
We are truly inspired by the leadership efforts of CONLAMIC to help its parishioners learn English - which is so central to the success of these families in this country," said David Henninger, EVP, Retention Education.
Lawmakers must further strengthen this law by adding teeth to the current measure rather than making it flexible," said Reverend Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.
CONLAMIC supports the reauthorization of NCLB and is working to increase awareness among its members of this education crisis.
We will increase efforts to ensure that the media and our district legislators know that we want a school choice pilot program for Texas and that we will show a united voice of parents, Pastors and community leaders on behalf of CONLAMIC and the other collaborative organizations," said Rev.
Today, CONLAMIC has sent an urgent message to state legislators - school choice now