CONMAROPSConcept of Maritime Operations (NATO)
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CONMAROPS highlighted the importance of containing Soviet forces through forward operations, of conducting defense in depth, and of gaining and maintaining the initiative at sea.
Navy and Marines would wage global coalition warfare in conjunction with the Army and Air Force and the forces of allied nations, (12) As such, it dove-tailed nicely with CONMAROPS, but in certain areas it went farther--for instance, in the taking out of Soviet SSBNS; operation of carrier battle groups (CVBGs) in coastal waters far forward, sheltered by the mountains surrounding the northern Norwegian fjords; and the concept of horizontal escalation.
Maritime Strategy and CONMAROPS thus presented the Norwegians with a difficult task of balancing between, on the one hand, tying the United States firmly to the defense of Norway and, on the other hand, trying to minimize internal debate in a population traditionally skeptical of what it perceived as American interventionism.