CONREDCoordinadora Nacional para la Reduccion de Desastres (Guatemala)
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3 UES Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra El Salvador 9 DGSNET El Salvador 3 INSIVUMEH Guatemala 9 CONRED Guatemala 12 Observatorio Vulcanologico / Mexico 14 Universidad de Colima CENAPRED Mexico 16 INETER Nicaragua 5 IGP--Arequipa Peru 12 TOTAL 342 Fuente: World Organization of Volcanological Observatories.
Computer programmers and mechanical engineers could build a prototype of CONRED that would be functioning within the next several months.
With a privately funded manned flyby mission (no landing and a free-return trajectory) to Mars proposed for 2018 [11], there is an urgent need to produce and demonstrate the effectiveness of CONRED.
CONRED says that 33,951 people had to be evacuated after the earthquake, 32,797 homes and 286 schools were damaged, and 11 schools were destroyed.
CONRED said that, on a national level, Agatha left 166 dead, 98 disappeared, 88 injured, and 89,712 people homeless.
In the wake of previous disasters such as Hurricane Stan, which left 1,620 people dead in Central America, CONRED has aimed to build a nationwide network whereby community leaders, mayors, and governors liaise with each other and pool resources to evacuate populations at risk and provide immediate relief to the injured and homeless (see NotiCen, 2005-10-06 and 2005-10-13).
CONRED has estimated that 30,000 sq km under cultivation have been damaged.
But Paredes said the step was premature and that only CONRED could make the declaration.