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CONREPConnected Replenishment
CONREPConditional Release Program
CONREPConstruction Representative
CONREPContinuous Underway Replenishment (US DoD)
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86) See Morris, supra note 80, at 1095 (noting cases in which CONREP recommended "revocation of outpatient status .
Our ship was doing conreps and vertreps to the big deck, as well as to other ships in the strike group.
The supplying ship can conduct a CONREP to two ships simultaneously.
Sacramento was in CONREP on the starboard side, which would have been nice if that was where the loads for the vertrep were coming from.
The ship conducted CONREPs every 10-14 days, with an optimum pallet count of 150-200 pallets and a three to four hour transfer time.