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CONSConservatory (various organizations)
CONSCoagulase Negative Staphylococci
CONSConstruction Technology (course)
CONSContracting Squadron
CONSConnection Oriented Network Service
CONSConnection-Oriented Network Services
CONSChurch of the New Song (US prison religion)
CONSCoagulase Negative Streptococci
CONSCarrier Operated Noise Suppression
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Vedute da noi le vostre lettere scritte ai capi del cons.o nostro di .X.
BUSINESS: Consult, Prog Mgr/Agcy, Spec Print, Spec Publ SVCS: Cpns, Sweeps CHARGE: Per Project SPEC: Cons, B-to-B, Cat, Fund, Fin Svcs, Publ, Cont Progs INFO: Broc
GRAPPENHALL AND THELWALL: A Clemo (Lab),J Craddock (Cons),B W Foden (Lab),M P Haworth (Con),W Johnson (Lib Dem), S Khan (Lab),E Lafferty (Lib Dem),E B Mawer (Lib Dem).
Staffordshire Moorlands: Con 5172, Lab 4231, Lib Dem 1838.
Since Con Edison will still be delivering the energy to the consumers, if something unforeseen happens to an ESCO, Con Edison will pick up and make sure that the customer never spends a minute without access to their energy.
EMC provee los cimientos donde almacenar y acceder a informacion de manera que una organizacion la pueda utilizar con el mayor provecho.
Billesley Susan Burfoot (Lab) Emily Cox (Lib Dem) Barry Hands (Con) Patrick Morrin (Soc All)
Approaching the subject interview with the focused goal of obtaining a confession may not prove practical in cases targeting experienced con artists.
El proyecto del aeropuerto es en sociedad con Parsons Transportation Group, de California.
So if your building is in the middle of a high usage DC area such as in Midtown, Downtown or the Garment Center, and is not located at the end of a long main, Con Edison isn't going to be eliminating much equipment simply because you are convening to AC.
ASHURST: D Duffy (Lab),P McElhinney (Ind),D Meadows (Con)AUGHTON &DOWNHOLLAND: U Ather-ley (Con),D McKay (Lab) BIRCH: S Cropper (Con),M Pendleton (Lab)BURSCOUGH EAST: A Carter (Lab),FWestley (Con) BURSCOUGH WEST: C Dereli (Lab),G Jones (Con) DERBY: A Doyle (Green),M Heslegrave (Ormskirkparty),A Owens (Con),J Reid (Lib Dem),A Williams (Lab) DIGMOOR: T Aldridge (Lab),I O'Donnell (Con),A Spears (Ind) HALSALL: R Brookfield (Ind),M Pinnington (Lab),D Stephenson (Con) HESKETH-WITH-BECCONSALL:N Ash-croft (Ind),M Forshaw (Con),J Hanlon (Lab) KNOWSLEY: P Lea (Con),J Watt (Green), F Williams (Lab) MOORSIDE: M Barron (Con),S Hanlon (Lab) RUFFORD: S Ann is (Lab),J Colling (Con) SCOTT: C Ainscough (Con),N Delaney (Lab),M George (Green).