CONSAcompetence network for simulation applications
CONSAConsular Shipping Advisor
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The authors declare that none of them have a direct financial relationship with the commercial trademarks mentioned in this paper (CONSA, Controls, and GOSA) that might lead to a conflict of interests for any of the authors.
To address the problem of conflict resolution in team settings, we are building a system called CONSA (collaborative negotiation system based on argumentation).
There is a person in the company, Tim, who works as both a researcher in group Res2 and a consultant in group ConsA. The question arises of whether Tim should be granted the access in view of his membership in Res2 or should be denied the access due to his membership in ConsA.
A more dialogue-oriented approach is found in the collaborative negotiation system based on argumentation (CONSA) (see the Tambe and Jung article, also in this issue), which uses negotiation methods based on argumentation structures (Toulmin 1958) to resolve conflicts.
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