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However, Hi-line says its ConSEP range of condensate cleaners treat the condensate with flocculants and activated carbon in an adsorption phase and this purifies the condensate, so providing a clean water solution which is clean enough to supersede local water authority regulations which stipulate a contaminant content of less than 5mg/litre.
(19.) CONSEP. Informe mensual del movimiento de medicamentos con estupefacientes y psicotropicos.
The Knelson concentrator and screen deck, along with supporting platforms, hoppers and pumps have been completed by Consep Pty Ltd in Sydney and are currently on the way to site.
All the things that are present in society are present in schools," said Ricardo Loor, drugs prevention expert at the Guayaquil branch of Ecuador's drugs agency, Consep, ( the BBC reported .
At each sampling date, a standard un-baited Biolure red delta prism-shaped sticky trap (Consep Biorational Products for Agriculture, Bend, Oregon), measuring 10 x 18 cm on each of the 3 sides (540 [cm.sup.2] total surface), was placed 1 per plant sampled.