CONSERCooperative Online Serials
CONSERConversion of Serials Project (OCLC)
CONSERCollaborative Simulation for Education and Research (computer protocol research group)
CONSERCondition Survey and Evaluation of Repairs for Buildings
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The Library of Congress established NCCP to achieve similar results, but the program differed from CONSER in that CONSER members set standards for cataloging serials collaboratively, whereas NCCP participants conformed entirely to LC standards (Wiggins, 1993).
By also considering the needs of the vendor, the Task Force has come up with recommendations that will allow for automating the process of deriving record sets from the CONSER records to the print versions, thereby promoting the accuracy and timeliness of this information.
Commenting on the new Faxon membership, CONSER coordinator Jean Hirons said in a recent e-mail to CONSER members, "Faxon and Dawson IQ will be involved in maintaining A&I Information and updating publishing data, and may contribute to our work with publication patterns.
Faxon and Dawson have many knowledge serials specialists on staff, some of whom were formerly CONSER participants at large academic libraries.
CONSER began in the early 1970s as a project to convert manual serial cataloging into machine-readable records, and has evolved into an ongoing program to create and maintain high-quality bibliographic records for serials.
The purpose of the CONSER program is to create a comprehensive database of bibliographic information regarding serials.
Today, with the right equipment, one small compact disc contains the entire CONSER database.
Linda Bartley, one of the earliest staffers at NSDP who got her start as a serials cataloger, is now the head of CONSER (more later), headquartered at LC.
CONSER (Cooperative Online Serials), also based at the Library of Congress, is a program of even greater scope as it encompasses the development and management of electronic records of authoritative bibliographic information about serial publications.
CONSER member institutions also uphold standards and exercise leadership in the serials information community.
Contract notice: Insurance services relating to goods and to CONSER VCO SpA activities, inherent risks indicated in the specific lots.