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CONSULTComputerized On-Board System Universal Tester (Nissan)
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For example, something must have occurred-- something quite unconnected with the state of your bodily health-- to frighten you about yourself, or you would never have come here to consult me.
I promised to consult them about it at their next visit to Eustace.
Will you accept me as interpreter, after the mistakes I made when you consulted me in Edinburgh?
Being your husband's confidential friend and adviser, he was consulted when Mr.
When he failed to find her he flew into a terrible rage, and hastened home to consult his books, by which means he discovered that it was his son who had deprived him of this precious treasure.
It is evident that every form of government or administration, for the words are of the same import, must contain a supreme power over the whole state, and this supreme power must necessarily be in the hands of one person, or a few, or many; and when either of these apply their power for the common good, such states are well governed; but when the interest of the one, the few, or the many who enjoy this power is alone consulted, then ill; for you must either affirm that those who make up the community are not citizens, or else let these share in the advantages of government.
We hypothesized that orthopedic trauma consult volume as well injury severity in these patients is significantly affected by these parameters.
This past year saw the introduction of mobile interfaces for Elsevier's MD Consult and First Consult.
PB Consult serves clients across the globe in all areas of infrastructure management, investment and development.