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CONTENDCongress of Teachers/Educators for Nationalism and Democracy (Philippines)
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However, in its petition filed before the IHC on Wednesday, IPSA Secretary Abdul Waheed contended that PEIRA Academics Member Imtiaz Ali Qureshi and the Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat had allegedly committed contempt of that stay order by issuing a notice to a member of the association 'just to pressurize and harass the members of the association'.
The plaintiff would contend at the trial that the defendant had given its blessings to the supposed holder to perpetrate fraud on it, and or that the defendant is in cahoots with the supposed holder to perpetrate the named fraud.
Contend, a group of teachers advocating for a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented education, said the Duterte administration 'did nothing' to stop the implementation of the K to 12 program, bringing many teachers to unemployment due to retrenchment.
Mosaic said that Contend's suite of services further diversifies and strengthens its current offering, providing clients with access to proprietary data, world-class creative, full-service production and omni-channel distribution.
As a full-service content creation studio, Contend also provides post-production optimization and editing for quick to market distribution.
This view is widely held among neoliberal economists, corporate elites and members of the Bush administration who contend that capitalism involves a dynamic process of creative destruction in which relentless innovation replaces outmoded economic activities with new, wealth creating forms of production.
Zhou and Zhang contend that those specimens, which date from about 75 million years ago, and the new find together bolster the notion that early birds were precocial but then evolved to produce chicks that usually hatch helpless and featherless and are sometimes coated with down.
Regardless of who should pay--the federal government through taxpayers, culpable businesses or property owners, or individuals--one thing is clear, according to Schettler: "The evidence is strong enough that we ought to be doing what we can to remove lead from our environment." Given that the effects of even short-term exposure to lead appear permanent, prevention of such exposures is key to protecting children, health policy experts contend. And many now believe prevention may also prove key to reducing future crime waves.
Additionally, MSG contends that shark feeding is bad for sharks.
Richmond Project Exile officials contend that with a simplified structure, redesigned operational rules, streamlined forms, and on expedited reporting system, any manager can implement this project in several weeks.