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Despite the touches of barbarism in his contours, there was a singular force in the gentleman's face, and in his bold rolling eye.
Yet a closer study of the man's features, carriage, and the contour of his head carried almost incontrovertibly the assurance that he was insane, while the tones of his voice and his gestures resembled those of a sane and intelligent mortal.
The scaly body was covered with black and yellow spots about a foot in diameter and irregular in contour. These spots were outlined in red with edgings about an inch wide.
It was late in the afternoon by the time he came close enough to distinguish objects on land, or to make out the contour of the shore line.
Yet there has always been this essential difference between them, that while the Buddhist regards the senses as windows looking out upon unreality and mirage, to the Taoist they are doors through which the freed soul rushes to mingle with the colours and tones and contours of the universe.
A certain melancholy that touched her countenance must have been of recent birth, for it had not yet altered the fine and youthful contours of her cheek, nor subdued the arch though resolute curve of her lips.
The fluctuating contours of the land ebbed and flowed.
Having picked up another guest, they turned southward, avoiding the greater mountains, but conscious of an occasional summit, rounded and mild, whose colouring differed in quality from that of the lower earth, and whose contours altered more slowly.
(1999) developed a raster-based interpolation method to generate digital elevation models through the dilation of contour lines stored in a raster grid.
When you consider the shape of the face when you contour and highlight, the result will look more proportional and flattering.
Deferred consideration of GBP 1m is payable in April 2019, subject to certain conditions and additional contingent consideration of up to GBP 6m will be payable after July 2019, subject to Contour achieving agreed growth targets.
The first generation of the particles is a proton contour (a proton itself) having the same fermionic and bosonic masses, the sum of which is approximately equal to the sum of all [pi]-mesons and K-mesons (1899 MeV).