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Using a previously developed climate model that includes contrail cirrus clouds and an aviation emissions database developed by the U.S.
After making the contrails in an attempt to fight the four-ship, the blue team was told to hold off, which caused them to hook as they sought to reposition themselves.
As the aviation industry is expanding, the contrails of airplanes are expected to contribute to global climate change significantly.
That 2.9 percent water vapor amounts to about five pounds of water per second poured into a contrail by a widebody aircraft.
The ML-CIRRUS experiment deployed the new research aircraft HALO together with satellites and models to gain neW insights into nucleation, life cycle, predictability, and climate impact of natural cirrus and anthropogenic contrail cirrus.
Thus, early explorations about contrail detection mainly exploit the visual examination to detect contrails in satellite images.
STC's new Contrail Networking-based service platform reduces time-to-market
The theory first gained popularity in 1996 when the US Air Force was accused of spraying the population with mysterious substances from aircraft generating unusual contrail patterns.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-October 6, 2015-Juniper Networks' Contrail Networking selected by AT&T