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CONUSContinental United States
CONUSContiguous United States
CONUSConterminous United States
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Each Pacific Pathways deployment features an Army task force, frequently components of a brigade combat team, whose equipment is transported from CONUS to multiple exercise locations and then back to CONUS on a single vessel.
The conus, which is located in the middle of the tail fin, is the main morphological section of the gladius (Arkhipkin et al., 2012).
This can be seen from the one-month mean forecast (from 2 April to 5 May 2012) of the surface relative humidity and temperature at 2 meters, averaged over the west CONUS and east CONUS, respectively (Figure 2).
The presence of multiple ostia in anterior aortic sinus, suggestive of emergence of the following arteries directly from the aorta: RCA, right conus artery, sinoatrial nodal artery, vasovasorum of pulmonary trunk and anamolous origin of LCA.
The investigation of one particular 27-amino acid peptide from the Conus magus, [omega]-conotoxin GVIA, led to the identification of this peptide as a new and powerful analgesic.
I wrote the following verse as a tribute to the Conus litteratus:
* Category 2 (limited overseas/remote CONUS assignments): Care is usually available at most locations, except for some isolated CONUS/overseas areas.
RESULTS AND ANALYSIS: Out of fifty hearts studied 14 hearts (28%) had separate origin of conus branch from right anterior aortic sinus (third coronary artery), very close to the origin of RCA (Figure 1).
White, "The variation of position of the conus medullaris in an adult population: a magnetic resonance imaging study," Spine, vol.
A rare case of anatomically corrected malposition of the great arteries with bilaterally absent conus and ventricular septal defect is presented.