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CONWIPConstant Work in Process
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The performance of BSCS and CONWIP strategies fell between those of KCS and Hybrid Kanban-CONWIP.
The optimal parameters found in (9) were used for KCS, CONWIP and Hybrid Kanban-CONWIP and they used a Genetic Algorithm to determine the optimal parameters for the Generic pull system.
CONWIP pull system, on the other hand, uses a single global set of cards to control total WIP anywhere in the system.
Frank Chen, take the case of one of a real life company's assembly line, in which beverage dispensing machines are produced, in order to compare both Kanban and CONWIP control system's performance in different scenarios, in order to propose and/or evaluate whether a hybrid Kanban-CONWIP system alternative could enhance their strong points and minimize their flaws, hence resulting in a more robust, better performance control system.
CONWIP extends the advantages of Kanban's demand-driven production with the push approach of MRP.
In its most simple form, CONWIP is a list-based pull system where demand triggers the release of new equivalently-sized work units for production.
CONWIP es una tecnica de produccion "long-pull", que constituye una generalizacion del sistema del kanban.
El mecanismo de control de flujo detallado del CONWIP es discutido extensamente por Hopp y Spearman (1996).
Let us note that in the case where the number of kanbans and the target inventory level are equal (K = S), this single-stage GKCS is equivalent to a single-stage KCS, which is also known as the CONWIP system[11].
Key words: CONWIP, lean management, make-to-order, supply chain management, WIP parameter
This paper discusses the impact of highly varying order sizes on the WIP-level parameter of a PPS called CONWIP.
Furthermore, it can be extended or modified easily to be used for production systems working under material control strategies other than Kanban such as CONWIP and POLCA or systems producing different types of products.