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CONWIPConstant Work in Process
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ThErer, Stevenson, and Protzman present readers with an in-depth look at card-based systems like Kanban and Constant Work-in-Progress (ConWIP) and their effectiveness at simplifying production control in a variety of manufacturing contexts.
A comparison of Kanban Control Strategy (KCS), minimal blocking KCS, Basestock Control Strategy (BSCS), CONWIP, and Hybrid Kanban-CONWIP was presented in (9).
However, given the focus of this paper, Constant Work-In-Process (CONWIP) is dedicated a separate section in this paper where it will be discussed to a greater extent.
CONWIP es una tecnica de produccion "long-pull", que constituye una generalizacion del sistema del kanban.
Let us note that in the case where the number of kanbans and the target inventory level are equal (K = S), this single-stage GKCS is equivalent to a single-stage KCS, which is also known as the CONWIP system[11].
presented a simulation optimization approach to resolve a constant work-in-process (CONWIP) strategy problem (5).
"Sequencing CONWIP flow-shops: analysis and heuristic," Int.
The focus here, however, is on non-electronic systems, in particular "constant work-in-process" (CONWIP).