COOBClothes Off Our Back
COOBComite Organitzador Olimpic Barcelona (Catalan: Barcelona Olympic Organizing Committee; Barcelona, Spain)
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Coob's basic thesis is that the finitude of our planet requires us to work toward a human society that accepts limits and seeks a decent life for all.
"Awesome" is the best word to describe the 1992 Paralympics and the job done by COOB '92, the Barcelona '92 Organizing Committee, which appeared to have covered every detail imaginable.
(152) Coob in RPA, with the meaning of 'plenteous' or 'crowded'.
In response to the question "Are men more vulnerable to diabetes than women?" (Puas yog txiv neeg muaj ntshav qab zib coob tshaj poj niam?) Fifty-five percent of the respondents did not believe men were more vulnerable to diabetes than women.
The mechanisms that enable this mode are: i) the ability to find partners with the knowledge necessary and capability to work with distributed and complementary knowledge (this capability is discussed in COOBS; METCALFE [2000]); ii) the establishment of processes and rules that stimulate the partners to work in concert to attain shared objectives; and iii) the adoption of ICTs that permit remote development, simulations and virtual prototyping (see THOMKE, 2003).
Chef Wright is South African and joins the team from the eclectic contemporary restaurant Coobs in Parkhurst, Johannesburg.