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COOCCorporate Open Online Classroom
COOCCalifornia Olive Oil Council
COOCConference on Optoelectronics and Optical Communications (est. 1993)
COOCCambridge-Oxford Owners Club (car club; UK)
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Contrairement aux MOOC generalement axes sur les connaissances academiques, les COOC integrent conjointement theorie et pratique, aspect ludique, communaute de partage regroupant apprenants et animateurs.
Loin de se laisser prendre par l'effet de mode, le Maroc, determine a reduire le chomage de sa jeunesse, aurait tout a gagner a se lancer davantage dans les COOC et les SPOC.
L'article Apres les MOOC, a quand les SPOC et COOC au Maroc?
The current research documents how Chinese overseas online commentators (hereafter COOCs) enact their strategic cultural identification through disseminating ideas of cultural principles and communication strategies in a variety of online forums about news stories of Chinese life predicaments that occurred mostly outside China.
The analysis of purposefully selected online discourse data presents the three most salient categories of predicaments in online narratives discussed by COOCs: 1) The effects of China's historical burdens on contemporary Chinese culture; 2) the academic quandaries of Chinese students overseas; 3) ethnic and racial crimes against Chinese victims.
More specifically, the current study examines: 1) What are the categories of life predicaments that draw most fervent discussions in the researched website; 2) What are the most common strategies given by COOCs as advice for coping with different life predicaments; 3) How the cultural advice offered by COOCs reveals a form of strategic cultural identification that emphasizes some cultural principles and communication strategies for dealing with disadvantaged Chinese identity in host society.
Though she couldn't confirm the total number of wineries that are currently producing olive oil, Darragh said that more than two dozen have been certified by the COOC. "There is a dramatic increase in production by wineries, year over year," she said.
The oil is a brisk seller in the winery's tasting room, Preston said, thanks in part to its COOC extra virgin certification and last year's favorable Wine Spectator review.
California Olive Oil Council--Created in 1992, the COOC's mission is to establish California as a source of world-class olive oil.
The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) seal "Certified Extra Virgin" on the label means the ceec has tasted and approved the oil's quality.
The membership of the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) voted unanimously to reject the amended version of the Olive Oil Research and Promotion Order at its annual meeting earlier this year.
The California industry is committed to the complete and accurate labeling of its products, and feels that the NAOOA has not addressed labeling issues in the past, and has chosen not to address these issues as part of the Order despite repeated requests from the COOC to do so.