COOHCarboxylic Acid (functional group)
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FT-IR (KBr, cm-1) max: FT-IR (KBr, cm-1) max: 3555-3265 (O-H, COOH, N-H), 3060 (C=C-H), 2962 (CH2), 1743 (C=O), 1629, 1587, 1540 (C=C aromatic), 1480 (CH2), 744 (Ar-H), 678 (C-Cl).
After 3 hr, fluorescence intensity decreased to 75 [+ or -] 4% of the initial signal for the plain 50-nm, 76 [+ or -] 2% for the plain 240-nm, 83 [+ or -] 4% for the COOH 50-nm, and 84 [+ or -] 5% for the COOH 300-nm PS beads, but then remained stable up to 72 hr (see Supplemental Material, Figure S1A).
3 pg YTX eq/cell) of COOH YTX and the putative keto YTX were also found.
1]) RM-AH 52,0 b 1,52 b 34,2 150 c PT-AH 69,7 a 1,57 b 44,4 250 b RF-AH 55,3 b 3,49 a 15,9 382 a EB-AH 72,7 a 3,32 a 21,9 300 ab AH COOH OH Fenolico Grupos C = O (cmol x (cmol x (cmol x [Kg.
a](COO) and OH in COOH group) which indicated the presence of both symmetric and asymmetric stretching vibrations of--COOH and-CO[O.
The sequence of the 450 nucleotides coding for the 150 amino acids at the COOH terminus of the N gene was obtained for all 5 case-patients, and the entire coding region of the H gene was sequenced for 1 representative isolate.
At lower pH the COOH groups retain their protons, which reduce the probability of binding a positively charged ion.
Because the ABx42/ABx-40 and A[beta]1-42/ABx-40 concentration ratios seem not to be affected by the test tube material, we assume that A[beta] peptides with COOH termini ending at residues 42 and 40 adhere to PS to a similar extent, which might be surprising, as A[beta] peptides ending at amino acid position 42 (A[beta]1-42 and ABx-42) are more hydrophobic than is ABx-40 (2, 3).
This observation indicated the presence of a COOH group in the unknown because carboxylic acids are readily esterified in either methanolic HCl or BSTFA.
RNA was extracted from infected cells by using the guanidinium acid-phenol technique (11), and reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) was used to amplify either the 550 nucleotides (nt) coding for the COOH terminus of N or the full-length open reading frame for H (12).