COOHCarboxylic Acid (functional group)
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NTCOOH and NTCOCl can bond to the OH group of 2-methoxyestradiol through OH (COOH mechanism) and Cl (COCl mechanism) groups, respectively.
On the other hand, COOH moieties of PLGA may help to increase PLGA adsorption by lowering its viscosity, leading to the formation of a thinner shell.
PMD and PMD-III-VII molecules containing substituent COOH are among the investigated PMD molecules.
All PS particles suspended in 10 mM sodium chloride solution were negatively charged, but the zeta potential of the COOH PS beads was significantly lower than that of plain PS beads in the same size range.
Oleanane-type (3 triterpenoids) 2 OH H COOH 5 OH OH COOC[H.sub.3] 7 OH OH COOH Compounds [R.sub.4] [R.sub.5] A.
IR (KBr): 1629,1718 (C=O), 3049 (C-H) [cm.sup.-1]; [sup.1]H NMR (500 MHz, CD[Cl.sub.3]) [delta] 1.58 (t, 3H, -C[H.sub.3]), [delta] 4.31 (q, 2H, -C[H.sub.2]), [delta] 2.84 & [delta] 3.38 (m, 8H, Piperazinyl), [delta] 3.87 (s, 2H, N-C[H.sub.2]), [delta] 6.83-8.10 (m, 12H, Aromatic []), [delta] 8.69 (s, 1H, C=C-H), [delta] 10.83 (s, 1H, N-NH-Ph), [delta] 15.08 (s, 1H, COOH); MASS (EI) m/z: Calcd for [C.sub.30[H.sub.30][F.sub.1][N.sub.5][O.sub.3]: 527 Found: 528.
We used multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) by using a carboxyl group (COOH) to enhance the dispersibility.
It was evident that 45- hydroxy YTX (45-OH YTX), carboxy YTX (COOH YTX), and the putative 45-hydroxy-carboxy YTX (45-OH-COOH YTX) were the dominant YTX analogues in M.
Interactions between organic matter and clay mineral surfaces in soil are complex and depend on the type of clay (2 : 1, 1 : 1), the distribution of different functional groups on the clay (siloxane, OH) and the organic matter (COOH, C=O, C-O, CN), the polarity of these compounds, and the composition and concentration of cations and anions in solution (Kleber et al.