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COOLCountry of Origin Labeling
COOLConservation Online
COOLCommunity of Online Learners
COOLConcurrent Object Oriented Language (programming)
COOLClips Object Oriented Language
COOLClassroom Object Oriented Language
COOLCombined Object Oriented Language
COOLComprehensive Object Oriented Learning
COOLControl Oriented Ontology Language
COOLCredentialing Opportunities Online (US Army)
COOLCampus Outreach Opportunity League (est. 1984)
COOLCollege Opportunities Online Locator (US Department of Education)
COOLCoastal Ocean Observation Laboratory (Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences)
COOLClimate Options for the Long Term
COOLClips Object-Oriented Language
COOLCommerce Opportunities On-Line
COOLConsortium of Ontario Libraries
COOLChorus Object Oriented Layer
COOLConstipated Overrated Outdated Loser
COOLConstipated, Overweight, Overrated, Loser
COOLCOBOL Object-Oriented Language
COOLConstipated Overweighted Out-Of-Style Loser
COOLChrist Over Our Life
COOLCentral Online and Open Access Library
COOLConstipated Overweight Old Lady
COOLChance of Optimal Leverage
COOL(I have a) Call On Other Line
COOLConstipated Out of Style Loser
COOLCalendar of Optimal Learning (Lincoln School schedule; Cadillac, MI)
COOLUSAF Programs Connected With Alaskan Air Command
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Air handling units on the roof of the mosque cool the air using chilled water and release the cooled air throughout the mosque.
In this cooling system, cooling water produced by the cooling tower is supplied to each load, and the ICT equipment is cooled by exchanging heat with the heat medium (refrigerant or air) after the header.
Cool, said that his team was "extremely excited to introduce the Dr.
Reduced energy consumption: An adiabatic fluid cooler allows for "free cooling" because it uses ambient air to cool process water.
AS SOMEBODY who spends her nights turning the pillow over, craving the cool side, I hoped the Cool Touch Pillow could put paid to my night fever - it contains fibres which apparently disperse heat and moisture, leaving the pillow cool to the touch all night.
The selected unit is a vertical cross flow cooling tower with two 75 HP fans, able to cool 5,500 gallons per minute (GPM) from 115F to 85F.
Ian Hansen could see why Buscemi was cool, but his pal Ilan Dar-Nimrod could not.
One might expect this work coming from the author and musician who penned such notable works as Delta Blues and The History of Jazz to delve into the cool world of Jazz.
Additional energy savings are achieved because the cold aisle does not have to be cooled to 62 degrees to maintain 70 degrees in other areas experiencing hot bypass air.
The Cool Direct function can be activated to switch automatically from indirect to direct cooling at a preset temperature.
The event was attended by the leading companies in district cooling such as Palm District Cooling; EMPOWER; EMICOOL; Qatar Cool; TABREED; DALKIA Middle East; Emirates Green Building Council; GCC Energy Fund; Energy Analyst of International Energy Agency; National TriGeneration CHP Company.