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COOLCountry of Origin Labeling
COOLConservation Online
COOLCommunity of Online Learners
COOLConcurrent Object Oriented Language (programming)
COOLClips Object Oriented Language
COOLCombined Object Oriented Language
COOLClassroom Object Oriented Language
COOLControl Oriented Ontology Language
COOLComprehensive Object Oriented Learning
COOLCredentialing Opportunities Online (US Army)
COOLCampus Outreach Opportunity League (est. 1984)
COOLCollege Opportunities Online Locator (US Department of Education)
COOLCoastal Ocean Observation Laboratory (Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences)
COOLClimate Options for the Long Term
COOLClips Object-Oriented Language
COOLCommerce Opportunities On-Line
COOLConsortium of Ontario Libraries
COOLChorus Object Oriented Layer
COOLConstipated Overrated Outdated Loser
COOLConstipated, Overweight, Overrated, Loser
COOLCOBOL Object-Oriented Language
COOLConstipated Overweighted Out-Of-Style Loser
COOLChrist Over Our Life
COOLCentral Online and Open Access Library
COOLConstipated Overweight Old Lady
COOLChance of Optimal Leverage
COOLConstipated Out of Style Loser
COOL(I have a) Call On Other Line
COOLCalendar of Optimal Learning (Lincoln School schedule; Cadillac, MI)
COOLUSAF Programs Connected With Alaskan Air Command
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4 : not friendly or interested : indifferent <She was cool to my suggestion.
The central system then circulates cool water from this indoor tank until it becomes sufficiently warmed to permit sending it outdoors again to the heat exchanger.
I grew up in an era when cool was, for the first time, a part of pop culture.
When your exercising body is exposed to heat over time, usually about two weeks, physiological changes occur that improve your ability to stay cool.
AMERICAN FORESTS' Southeast region coordinator, Nancy Masterson, has secured funding for the Dade County sites - two Global ReLeaf Walks for Trees brought in more than $20,000 for yard trees for test homes; two Florida Division of Forestry Hurricane Andrew Reforestation grants, totaling nearly $70,000, will plant trees on public streets; and a $55,000 grant from the Florida Advisory Council on Environmental Education will teach homeowners about Cool Communities.
Their analyses of the sexual politics of the music industry are particularly illuminating: "Sometimes cool bands have to do, like, wimpy songs to get chicks" (the Red Hot Chili Peppers).
The compact, environmentally-friendly combination of cleaning cascade and salt reclaim furnace can be integrated in existing salt bath curing equipment, which continuously cleans and cools rubber profiles during treatment and returns the carried out salt to the curing cycle.
Washington, DC's heat island requires 400,000 kilowatts and costs $40,000 per hour to cool.
Since the passages must be straight and perpendicular to each other, elaborate drilling patterns are required to cool the mold.
The compound's cool sensation also lasts twice as long as menthol's does, the researchers report.
Todd Cool surfs the Internet to help Southern California surfers catch the good waves.
The Atmospheric Air Chiller (ACC) supplies air at a constant temperature of about 37 F to cool blown film and flat film extrusion as it leaves the die and an increase of 25% or more is guaranteed.