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COOLESTContract Opportunities On-Line Engineering Support Tools (US Army Materiel Command)
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Here he comes, sauntering along with a straw in his mouth, the queerest, coolest fish in Rugby.
Greene in his 'History of England' has well spoken of 'the characteristics of his oratory--its passionate ardor, its poetic fancy, its amazing prodigality of resources; the dazzling succession in which irony, pathos, invective, tenderness, the most brilliant word pictures, the coolest argument, followed each other.
Clennam looking back, and seeing him following three stairs behind, in the coolest and most methodical manner exclaimed in a low voice, 'Is there no getting rid of him
Well,' said Sam, 'of all the cool boys ever I set my eyes on, this here young gen'l'm'n is the coolest.
Here, seeing that he was out of present danger, he slackened in his running, and at last sat him down beneath a hedge where the grass was the longest and the shade the coolest, there to rest and catch his wind.
I heard the Shipping Master say in the coolest sort of way:
However, at last, as I said, I made one to answer, and covered it with skins, the hair upwards, so that it cast off the rain like a pent-house, and kept off the sun so effectually, that I could walk out in the hottest of the weather with greater advantage than I could before in the coolest, and when I had no need of it could close it, and carry it under my arm
Then I made inquiries as to this mysterious assistant and found that I had to deal with one of the coolest and most daring criminals in London.
The Coolest Customer contest is yet another event that builds loyalty and excitement for Global members.
Cars that earn a spot on the KBB coolest new cars list must be fun to drive and fun to own.
com, a vehicle valuation and information source for consumers and the automotive industry, has revealed its annual list of the 10 Coolest Cars Under USD18,000.
The beer brand is teaming up with Mixmag to pick the UK's coolest DJs to go with the cold setting.