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COOPERCollaborative Open Environments for Project-Centered Learning
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Tudor Jones with sculptor James Done and entertainer Stan Stennett at the launch of the Tommy Cooper Appreciation Society in the Tommy Jones magic tent at the 2003 Big Cheese Festival in Caerphilly
Barry Horowitz & Howard Cooper, Cooper-Horowitz, Inc.
Ulrich Elementary during a morning nutrition break and rather than seek help from the cafeteria staff when the food got caught in his throat, he ran past six classrooms to find Cooper in her classroom.
Cooper has never strayed far from his farm roots in Palm Beach County, where his parents operated a vegetable farm until the mid-1970s.
I have read other Cooper works, and I sense she has a heart for people who struggle to find love and connect with others.
Cooper is accustomed to getting things done the right way, the first time.
We view this as a perfect marriage," said Wayne Cooper.
Indeed, Warner's notion of Cooper's courage, his sense of the author's willingness to risk the not literary, cuts to the heart of the Cooper conundrum: It is precisely his dedication to the not literary, his commitment to the condition Avital Ronell, another panelist, called the "whatever" (in the Valley-speak sense of the word), that makes his achievement literary, that links it to a broader "stupefaction," to the state or symptom of which it is a poetic verity.
Despite the common view that the church was in ill repute immediately prior to the Reformation and that relatively few young men wished to become clerics, Cooper shows that the late fifteenth and early sixteenth century saw an increasing number of ordinations.
At an early age novelist Dennis Cooper figured he was screwed.
The Federal Reserve Board announced on October 1, 1999, the issuance of a consent Order against William Carmichael, an institution-affiliated party of the First Western Bank, Cooper City, Florida, a state member bank.