COP SHOTCitizens Outraged at Police Being Shot (New York City, New York)
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Last month, we revealed a Guardia Civil cop shot in 2003 had identified McCadden as the gunman.
AN unarmed cop shot down in a hail of gunfire as he tried to arrest gangsters with just a baton has spoken for the first time of his night of terror.
Was Campbell backing away from the fight when the cop shot him four times?
A ROGUE Afghan cop shot dead five British soldiers after being told not to wear a "silly hat" on duty, an inquest heard yesterday.
A HEROIC cop shot by a motorist yesterday had just returned to work after being stabbed.
A representative of the NJ Cop Shot program told the outlet that the officers came under "immediate" gunfire.
A US cop shot by the Boston bombers spent a year studying tourism in Ireland.
What is more terrifying is, of course, the cop shot by Moat who'll never see his wife and kids again, and the family of his ex-girlfriend's new fella dealing with their loss.
TERRIFIED British tourist Ronald Beamish fought back his fear to race to the aid of a dying cop shot in the gun battle at Washington's parliament building.
Moat was kneeling with a shotgun under his chin when the cop shot him with the Taser.
A young and inexperienced district attorney investigates a complicated case in which a respected long-time cop shot and killed a drug dealer and tried to cover it up But the more the DA tries to prove the cop's guilt, the more trouble he finds for himself as the policeman has friends in very high places Thriller, starring Nick Nolte and Patrick O'Neal
A HERO cop shot twice at close range and left for dead has been offered just pounds 4,400 in compensation.