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COPACComissão Coordenadora do Programa Aeronave de Combate (Portuguese: Coordinating Committee of the Combat Aircraft Program; Brazil)
COPACCommittee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (Geneva, Switzerland)
COPACCoalition of Politically Active Christians (Austin, CO)
COPACCommittee for the Promotion of Aid to Cooperatives (Geneva, Switzerland)
COPACContemporary Performing Arts of Chattanooga (Tennessee)
COPACChip Off-Line Pre-Authorized Card
COPACCitizen Outreach Political Action Committee (Nevada)
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Ratcliffe reside in Jackson, where Frannie is a senior honors student at Belhaven University and Hall is the Southeastern Services Marketing Representative for COPAC.
Organometallic promoters for polyesters include Copac cobalt/potassium complex, which can extend more costly cobalt promoters and reduce color; Nuxtra cobalt-12%, a standard cobalt promoter; and Nuodex cobalt 254 modifier-promoter, which helps control speed of gel promotion and prevents gel time drift.
COPAC = Consortium of University Research Libraries (CURL) [recurso electronico].
The printed book collection of the library will be loaded onto Copac, which provides free access to the merged online catalogues of 24 major university research libraries in the U.
Our bibliography of Taylor and Hessey imprints is compiled from COPAC and WorldCat, with further information from the NSTC and library catalogues.
COPAC is a union catalogue, representing the holdings of merged online catalogues of members of the UK Consortium of Research Libraries (CURL) and WorldCat.
Continuous COPAC can provide continuous analysis of both CO and mixed venous oxygen saturations, but give pressure measures as surrogates of preload.
Newcastle University students on an expedition to Kazakhstan were among the spectators of the game of Copac.
org), COPAC (bibliotecas academicas del Reino Unido e
Some of the most useful include: Libweb (US); KINETICA (Australia); COPAC (UK); NACSIS (Japan); LIBRIS (Sweden); REX (Denmark); OHIO Link; Illinet and Z39.
Duplicate detection and record consolidation in large bibliographic databases : the COPAC database experience.