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Figure 1 shows that the trend exhibited by the residues of the modified Oswin, modified Henderson, and Copace models to describe the equilibrium moisture contents of the Lactuca sativa seeds are random, showing no tendency of specific points.
As to the relative mean error (P), the models Copace and Modified Halsey showed the lowest values, while ChungPfost, Sabbah and BET exhibited values above 10%, which are not adequate to represent the phenomenon, according to Mohapatra & Rao (2005).
On the other hand, the models Chung-Pfost, Copace, Modified Halsey, Modified Oswin and Sigma Copace adequately fitted to the hygroscopic equilibrium moisture contents of 'sucupira-branca' fruits.
For the values of relative mean error, the Copace model showed the lowest value (4.74%) and the BET model showed the highest value (10.70).
The values of relative mean error (P) were lower than 10% except for the models BET, Modified Halsey, Sigma Copace, Kuhn and Smith, which, according to Mohapatra & Rao (2005), indicates adequate representation of the studied phenomenon.
Normalmente, o coeficiente de determinacao ([R.sup.]) apresenta maiores valores para aqueles modelos com melhor ajuste, como foi observado para o modelo Sigma Copace que apresentou valores acima de 99%.
De acordo com os valores obtidos referentes ao erro medio estimado (SE) nota-se que os modelos Copace, Oswin Modificado e Sigma Copace, apresentaram menores valores quando comparados com os demais.
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