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COPALConception d'Outils pour l'Apprentissage des Langues (French: Design Tools for Language Learning; Stendhal University, France)
COPALCenter on Peace and Liberty (Oakland, CA)
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At the regional level were two competing copal traders.
Gum Copal and Collagen were purchased from Sheel Biotech Limited (New Delhi, India) and Sigma-Aldrich (Mumbai, India), respectively.
In particular, an accurate wavenumber correspondence is observed between Venetian turpentine and colophony, on one hand, and between sandarac and Manila copal, on the other, reflecting the respective alike compositions as reported by Daher et al.
In this paper, we describe three new weevil species of the subfamilies Dryophthorinae, Molytinae, and Entiminae from copal of Santander province, Colombia.
Copal Amba's full range of market leading research and analytics knowledge services will be offered as part of Moody's Analytics' comprehensive solutions serving the global financial services industry.
Down - 2 Cheap-jack; 3 Ill; 4 Governor; 5 Helot; 6 Fitness; 7 Oread; 8 Apostles' creed; 9 Expatriate; 12 American dream; 14 Opposed; 18 Earthed; 19 Effeminacy; 22 Leg warmer; 23 Billhead; 25 Ravioli; 28 Utter; 29 Copal; 32 Eel.
It has been founded by Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman, who set up financial research firm, Copal Amba, before selling it to Moody's Investor Services.
(NYSE: MCO) has completed its acquisition of the remaining shares of Copal Amba and now owns 100% of the company.
Former power secretary Anil Razdan said the steps were in the right direction to enhance copal production and there was a need for public-private partnership in the sector.
Las ofrendas lanzadas al fuego son cirios delgados de varios colores, incienso, flores, copal (7), azucar y eventualmente licor, el corazon de un gallo, granos de sesamo, miel, chocolate o dulces.
Los bosques de tierra firme de Fierrocano y Copal son terrenos no inundables, se encuentran alejados de los cauces de los rios (Lopez Parodi y Freitas 1990); el suelo presenta una reaccion acida (pH 3.7 a 5.3) con baja fertilidad (Escobedo et al.