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COPEDChildren of Parents Experiencing Divorce (Nebraska)
COPEDCooperative Program on Energy and Development (various nations)
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And they must be coped with to some extent, because they all enclose documents (they call their scraps documents; but they are, as to papers deserving the name, what minced veal is to a calf), the non-return of which would be their ruin.
The individual differences approach that we took in investigating coping was grounded on our laboratory findings of how rejected helpers of varying degrees in self-perception of being efficacious and caring in helping others coped with the rejection.
The athletes coped by focusing their attention on the next task at hand, by becoming more psyched up and enthusiastic, and by realizing the coach's negative feedback is expected, understood, and even (at times) appreciated.
21) In this study significant difference was between those working in a hospital with the other one, as those working in Besat hospital less coped with stress regarding they were dealing more with the patients in intensive and emergent stage, as caring trauma patients.