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COPEIComité de Organización Política Electoral Independiente (Spanish: Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee; Venezuelan political party)
COPEICorporacion Organizada Para Estafar Inocentes
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By saying they expelled us, it's clear that the leadership of the alliance wants to steal the [legislative] posts that were supposed to belong to COPEI.
7) The Pact of Punto Fijo had established a power sharing agreement in 1958 in which the two dominant political parties, AD (Democratic Action) and COPEI (Christian Democratic Party), had agreed to respect each other's interests as well as that of private enterprise and other sources of political and economic power within Venezuela in the name of democratic stability.
Perez Jimenez, Betancourt's AD formed an alliance with COPEI, Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV, the Communist Party of Venezuela), and La Union Republicana Democratica (URD, Republican Democratic Union), which united under the banner of the Junta Patriotica (Patriotic Junta) undertaken to overthrow the dictatorship.
His lawyer, Omar Estancio, said the arrest order was "disproportional" and "politicized" while COPEI, a Christian Democrat party, called the accusations "absurd".
COPEI, for example, launched a campaign using the slogan, "If you feel mistreated, required to give information that you do not want to give, do not answer.
He particularly disliked political discussion with his father, who was then a member of the COPEI party - his father would eventually rise to the post of Education Director of Barinas in the COPEI government of Luis Herrera Campins.
In particular, he is associated with the new brand of "mantuanos" (a term referring to the old Creole aristocracy) which was linked to COPEI,
Le pacte de Punto Fijo de 1958 a instaure un regime democratique et stable au Venezuela, fonde sur l'alternance entre deux grands partis politiques (AD a gauche et le COPEI social chretien) et l'exclusion des forces armees du pouvoir.
The unity table comprises an incipient political alliance of 11 new, small parties--the traditional social democrat Acción Democrático (AD) and social Christian COPEI (Comité de Organización Política Electoral Independiente) having basically disappeared with the renewal movement that brought Chávez to power--and at least 40 groups of various origins and extractions.
PJ presidential candidate for the 2006 vote Julio Borges reportedly opposed the boycott, but the party joined it days after the AD, PV, and COPEI announced their plans to withdraw candidates.
The former presidential candidate and longtime secretary general of COPEI said the party would take the first steps at the party congress in June.