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COPEIComité de Organización Política Electoral Independiente (Spanish: Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee; Venezuelan political party)
COPEICorporacion Organizada Para Estafar Inocentes
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Affairs of state are being discussed in foreign government installations," COPEI's Enriquez said, adding that the situation put the country's security and sovereignty at risk.
(7) The Pact of Punto Fijo had established a power sharing agreement in 1958 in which the two dominant political parties, AD (Democratic Action) and COPEI (Christian Democratic Party), had agreed to respect each other's interests as well as that of private enterprise and other sources of political and economic power within Venezuela in the name of democratic stability.
En this case, high levels of electoral stability were rooted not so much in the parties' capacity to adjust themselves but rather in the existence of a closed political market and an electoral institutionality that generated stability and facilitated the dominance of old parties, AD and COPEI. The Venezuelan case provides clues for the study of other party systems where traditional indicators show high levels of institutionalization, such as Chile, Costa Rica and Uruguay.
The convergence of COPEI and AD in terms of oil policy made the companies realize that a nationalization of the oil industry was close.
He governed oil-producing Zulia state in the early 1990s and unsuccessfully ran for the presidency with COPEI in 1993.
Until the 1998 elections, the Democratic Action (AD) and the Christian Democratic (COPEI) parties dominated the political environment at both the state and federal level.
Whether one sees him as a revolutionary visionary or a demagogic populist, AD (Acci6n Democratica) and COPEI (Christian Democratic Party) prepared the terrain for his election.
Sus dirigentes, hasta entonces desconocidos, se inscriben en una tradicion sindical-nacionalista, con referencia a Simon Bolivar, que, desde los anos cuarenta, existe en las fuerzas armadas del pais en competicion con la red militar de Accion Democratica (que se involucra en el ejercito desde aquellos anos) y la red social cristiana del partido COPEI que compensa su inferioridad, cuando esta en el gobierno, con una alianza con los nacionalistas.