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COPESCommunity Options Program Entry System (Washington adult nursing care program)
COPESCareer Orientation Placement and Evaluation Survey
COPESCouncil on Prevention and Education: Substances, Inc. (est. 1981)
COPESCommunity Oriented Program Environment Scale
COPESCommunity Oriented Program Evaluation Scale (psychiatry)
COPESComputerized Proposal Evaluation System
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All the beautiful black copes! all the fine red copes!"
I feel fitted to cope with any child that ever was born int' the world!"
The intense suffering of the first few days had become deadened for the three passengers who had eaten nothing, but the agony of the sailors was pitiful, as their weak and impoverished stomachs attempted to cope with the bits of leather with which they had filled them.
Tarzan, racking his brains for some means to cope single-handed with the infuriated beast, had suddenly recalled his battle with Terkoz; and as the great shoulders came clear of the window, so that the lioness hung upon the sill only by her forepaws, Tarzan suddenly released his hold upon the brute.
Faint light filtered from above through occasional ventilating and lighting tubes, but it was scarce sufficient to enable my human eyes to cope with the darkness, and so I was forced to move with extreme care, feeling my way along step by step with a hand upon the wall beside me.
But the Mercenaries found it no easy task to cope with the people of the abyss and at the same time fight with the comrades.
People often cope with stressful situations by using a variety of strategies, such as seeking and receiving emotional or instrumental support from relational others, using spiritual power, and/or avoiding the stressful situation (Burleson & Mortenson, 2003; Feng & Wilson, 2012).
This communication lists and organizes 15 important coping skills, which can help one cope with the challenges and demands of living with diabetes.
WCQ is a scale that identifies thoughts and actions that people use to cope with the stressful events counters of everyday living.
The person in the family who copes "best" may provide the model for developing the family coping style.
The first time I saw a fellow carpenter cope baseboard molding, I thought: "Why's he messing around with that fancy-pants cut when two 45-degree cuts would do the job waaaay faster?" But after I spent 25 minutes trying--and failing--to make 45-degree cuts meet perfectly, coping started to make sense.
Alice-and-Bob wireless network and Cross network are considered and COPEs performance curve is analyzed by examining one coding structure.