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COPIAConsensus Pattern Identification and Analysis (protein family classification software)
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Child donated her collection of French copper pots to COPIA and they are now part of its permanent collection.
COPIA offered wine and food tasting programs, exhibitions, organic edible gardens, films, concerts, fine and casual dining, and shopping.
2010, COPIA is the first open platform that combines content, social networking and e-commerce (a bookstore) with an array of branded wireless e-readers to deliver a user experience centered around shared discovery.
The COPIA platform is the first of its kind to combine content, collaboration, social networking and e-commerce together to connect people through a collaborative experience.
The COPIA platform, unveiled at CES 2010 and delivered on the Web via TheCopia.
LAS VEGAS -- DMC Worldwide (DMCWW), a leading enterprise and consumer technology company, today introduced its suite of COPIA (www.
Located a block away from the new Oxbow Market and COPIA, The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts, The Westin is destined to become the focal point of Downtown Napa.