COPICSCommunications Oriented Production Information and Control System
COPICSCommunications Oriented Production Information and Control System (IBM)
COPICSContact Persons for Internal Control Standards
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In Eugene, the only retail outlet that carries Copic markers and pens is the University of Oregon Bookstore.
"They are very good sellers," Witt said of Copic markers.
But Copic markers and pens account for 80 percent of the firm's sales, O'Connell said.
The men noticed that Copic markers were selling well in Europe and Asia, but they were unavailable in the United States.
With the help of Kiyomitsu Yajima, a business associate of Takahara's, plus the financial backing of seven American and seven Japanese investors, most of them UO grads, Imagination International in late 1999 struck a deal to become .Too Corp.'s North American sole distributor for Copic.
They were remarkably similar to IBM's COPICS and other centralized database concepts that had been discussed for years (Figures 2 and 3), though technology had improved and implementation no longer required 27 mainframe computers and football fields full of disk drives.
The carousel is linked electronically to an IBM computer running IBM's COPICS software.