COPINHConsejo de Organizaciones Populares e Indígenas de Honduras (Spanish: Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras)
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A statement issued by COPINH (The Council of Civic, Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras), says, "The ratification of [CAFTA] was done in a traitorous fashion, given that the President of the National Congress Porfirio Lobo Sosa had promised the different social organizations that before sending the treaty to Congress for a vote, they would have a meeting next Tuesday March 8th so that the people of Honduras could present their reservations to Congress.
The COPINH statement lashed back, "The peoples of Central America, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Colombia live in the most grotesque insecurity, product of the implantation of the neoliberal system that impels the free trade treaties and the Plan Puebla Panama, which translate into the loss of food security, jobs, labor and land rights, and a healthy environment.
On the question of security, the COPINH statement laments that these treaties "bring with them their component of militarization on the part of the North American armada and then, on the pretext of offering citizen security, create the police state, converting them into the gendarmes of the transnationals and their interests.