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COPLAC's ( statement asserts its support for the liberation of Palestine.
The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), to which COPLAC is linked, is still tethered to two-state diplomacy.
If COPLAC has indeed broken away from the two-state rhetoric, Palestinians in Latin America and elsewhere have a rallying point that can connect to the Palestinian struggle inside the colonized and occupied Palestinian territories.
COPLAC urged Arab states not to participate in the workshop, which it described as "a US-Israeli maneuvering designed to wipe Palestine from the map and liquidate the rights of the Palestinian people."
COPLAC went on to assert that US-touted plan which envisions improving the Palestinians' quality of life, even if under military occupation, as the long sought solution for the Palestinian question in fact falls in line with the "economic peace" paradigm pushed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
To better understand current policies and procedures related to transfer students' engagement with honors, at least as advertised, I collected data from nearly two dozen honors program websites in December 2017 and January 2018.I surveyed program websites at member institutions of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC), twenty-two of whose thirty members have some sort of formal honors program or college.
Another compelling reason to consider COPLAC institutions follows from Jones's assertion that honors programs "at public universities have often served as a cost-effective way for underserved first-generation students to gain the benefits of high-impact pedagogies such as undergraduate research, smaller class sizes, and the like" (35).
Also, while twenty-two schools represent a tiny fraction of all four-year institutions with honors programs and COPLAC schools represent a specific sort of institution, the consistency of my findings demonstrates the need for a broader study of how we make our programs known to all students, including transfer students.
Comparing the Racial and Ethnic Makeup of COPLAC Schools with that of Their Corresponding "Feeder" Schools
Under a new strategic plan adopted by COPLAC's governing board in 2008, the consortium has turned its attention to the development of new programming for students and faculty members.
The interdisciplinary journal is hosted on our student-designed COPLAC website, and the director of COPLAC works with campus liaisons to solicit student work for publication.
Eighteen of the 26 COPLAC campuses have submitted student work over the past two years, and more than 90 papers in a wide variety of disciplines have been published.