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COPMCanadian Occupational Performance Measure
COPMCarter Ozone Per Mile
CoPMCollege of Performance Management
CoPMCo-Polarized Monopulse
COPMCouncil on Psychosomatic Medicine (Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine)
COPMCustomer Oriented Project Management (business)
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The mothers had concerns about their children's occupational performance and identified three problems according to the COPM.
The participants completed the COPM with the principal investigator by identifying and rating performance and satisfaction in four to five tasks which they wished to improve by the therapy sessions.
Abbreviations: ADL = activity of daily living; COPM = Canadian Occupational Performance Measure; DASH = Disability of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand; FPST = Flinn Performance Screening Tool; IADL = instrumental ADL; IRB = Institutional Review Board; MCP = metacarpophalangeal; OI = overuse injury; ROM = range of motion; VLA = valued life activities.
Law M, Baptiste S, McColl M, Opzoomer A, Polatajko H, Pollock N (2005) COPM The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure.
Instead, DOI, COPM, and AIIIOT instruments, and the phenomenological interviews were administered to every teenager after the 6 week group interventions to determine any progress attained.
In the higher shear rate range, the viscosities of COPR and COPM are lower than that of the uncompatibilized blend.
Horne, a pioneer in providing professional management services to multiple golf courses, founded COPM in 1981.
Since the program varied considerably from patient to patient based on symptom manifestation, the only portions of the program that were standard were the program explanation, evaluation, use of the COPM, and the written home program plan.
Besides feasibility, other clinimetric properties of the COPM have been studied in different populations (for an overview, see Table 1) [17,21-25,28-46].
Several studies have indicated that the COPM is sensitive to change [2-3,7,12-13,20,34-35].
COPM was regarded by occupational therapists as unacceptable for general use, as they considered it a discipline specific instrument.
Under the terms of the agreement and Plan of Reorganization, Brassie shall acquire all of the outstanding shares of COPM in exchange for 1,875,000 shares of newly-issued Brassie Common Stock, 375,000 shares of newly-issued subordinated redeemable Preferred Stock (each share is convertible into five shares of Common stock), 500,000 five-year warrants exercisable at $2.