COPOMComitê de Política Monetária
COPOMCollege of Podiatrists of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
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(ii) The Monetary Policy Committee (Comite de Politico Monetaria or Copom), formed by the President and the board of directors of the BCB, which has eight members in total.
BRASILIA (CyHAN)- The Brazilian Central Bank' s Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) announced on Wednesday night their decision to maintain the country' s key interest rate at 14.25 percent.
(2011), according to which, COPOM considers variables such as the deviation of inflation expectations as being twelve-step ahead in relation to the target, the consumer confidence index, lagged interest rate, as well as the ratio of public sector primary surplus / GDP and formal employment.
"The Copom's inflation projections in the scenario with interest rate and exchange rate paths extracted from the Focus survey stand around 3.6% for 2019 and 3.9% for 2020," according to Copom, the Brazilian answer to the FOMC.
Long-term rates widened significantly around the days of the COPOM meeting that held the Selic policy rate at 14.25% p.y.
With regard to the analysis concerning the volatility of the SELIC short run (one year ahead), one should observe the COPOM minutes for August 28, 2003, January 16, 2004, and April 28, 2005.
During a senate hearing, he said, 'Any decision will be taken at the Copom meeting, based on the evolution of combined factors and on the outlook for inflation.
Essa estrutura tambem permite a verificacao do conteudo de informacao de eventos especificos, tais como reunioes do Comite de Politica Monetaria brasileira (COPOM) e leiloes de titulos publicos.
Espacamentos maiores poderiam capturar ruidos indesejados, principalmente se reunioes do Copom separassem as duas datas.
Brazil's Monetary Policy Committee, Copom, have raised interest rates by a cumulative 200 basis points since May 2010 to offset rising inflationary pressures.
The bank's eight-member monetary-policy committee, known as the Copom, left the Selic rate at 14.25 percent.