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COPPCode of Professional Practice (various organizations)
COPPCity of Port Phillip (Australia)
COPPCollege of Public Programs (Arizona)
COPPControl Plane Policing
COPPCouncil of Past Presidents (psychology)
COPPCommittee on Public Policy (American Anthropological Association)
COPPCalifornia Office of Privacy Protection
COPPCertified Output Protection Protocol (Microsoft DRM technology)
COPPControl Plane Policing (Cisco)
COPPCoalition of Pinnacle Peak
COPPConnection Oriented Presentation Protocol
COPPCenter for Organizational and Personnel Psychology (Leuven, Belgium)
COPPCertificate of Pharmaceutical Products
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It's even neater than the old Copp place on the Tory road, and I never expected to see anything neater than that.
But despite apologising to the Merthyr officials and players, referee Postin did more by awarding them a free-kick on 89 minutes from which Copp grabbed the equaliser having come on a substitute three minutes earlier.
Geoffrey Copp, of Stanmore, London, got 10 and a-half years, Andrew, of, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, nine years and Joshua of Stotfold, Beds, eight years.
After licensing Footprint from the University of Dayton Research Institute, Copp was quickly immersed within the global market," says CEO and owner of Copp, Bill DeFries.
To benchmark his business against industry financial averages, Copp has been using the North American Retail Hardware Association's (NRHA) annual Cost of Doing Business Study since the 1970s.
141-96), Copp most clearly displays his methodology of "simply examin[ing] the sources available and try [ing] to understand the human activities of which they are remnants primarily as human activities" (p.
32 patients received ABVD protocol, 3 patients received ABVD + COPP 2 patients received OPPA + COPP 2 patients received ABV + OPPA + COPP 1 patient received ARA-C/VP-16 + COPP/ABV + CHOP protocol.
The authors of these collected essays share a common bond: many (perhaps all; it is not clear from the author biographies section included in the book) were students of, or are colleagues of, or have co-written works with Copp.
Copp to find out what the prevalence of problem gambling is when a casino is within two miles.
Gustav Holst's World War I musical masterpiece, The Planets Suite, is made even more exhilarating as it is brought to visual life with The Planets - An HD Odyssey, produced and directed by filmmaker Duncan Copp for the Houston Symphony and premiered in 2010.
Copp also manages the Scottsdale Community College Angel Trees gift-giving effort and offers his professional talent and time to help members of the Women's Leadership Group mentee program.
Centre manager Jean Copp said: "We still had the original toilets from when the Centre was built.