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COPPSCommunity-Oriented Policing & Problem Solving
COPPSCommunity Policing and Problem Solving
COPPSCentre on Philanthropy Panel Study (Indiana University)
COPPSCollege Online Policy and Procedure System (Lane Community College; Eugene, OR)
COPPSCitizens Opposing Profiled Police Stops
COPPSCouncil of Police and Private Security (Honolulu Police Department; Honolulu, HI)
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EUPOL COPPS aims at contributing to the establishment of sustainable and effective policing arrangements and advising Palestinian counterparts on criminal justice and rule of law related aspects under Palestinian ownership, said the press release.
Copps said the first incident involved another member of the Ontario legislature.
Copps' staff had agreed to write the draft, but Free Press would manage the placement process.
Copps Hill Plaza is a 184,528 sq ft shopping centre located in an affluent suburb of New York City.
The new FCC has a challenging agenda: completing the "mop-up" operation following the digital changeover; a possible return to the Fairness Doctrine (Copps has advised Genachowski to make this his first priority); indecency and possible revision of the 1990 Children's Television Act; an internal reform-minded review; analyzing the future of broadcast journalism; and, most importantly, the fully-expanded nationwide use of broadband.
But now Copps is the FCC's acting chairman -- and in an interview with Todd Shields of Bloomberg, appears to have changed his mind about the ban enacted in 1975.
Because COPPS asks the same families about their giving in different years, for the first time researchers can determine the proportion of people nationwide who switch back and forth between giving and not giving.
Launched on 1 January 2006, for a three-year assignment, EUPOL COPPS is provided with 9 million for 2007 and is made up of about 15 people (eventually about 33 policemen and civilian experts) under the management of Briton Colin Smith.
MILWAUKEE -- Aiming to help customers take the guess work of holiday gift-giving, Pick 'n Save and Copps stores, operated by Roundy's here, are touting several ideas to enable shoppers to simplify the process when conducting their weekly grocery shopping.
While Michael Copps certainly can't stop either deal on his own, his public discussion of the Tribune and Dow Jones deals indicates neither will pass through the FCC without debate.
The FCC's two Democratic commissioners, Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps, will still be going up against three Republicans, including Chairman Kevin Martin, but they'll have a lot more weapons in their arsenal.