COPQCost Of Poor Quality
COPQChannel-Optimized Product Quantization
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The problem statement's emphasis will be on symptoms, significance of the problem, COPQ, and the business impact.
The most dramatic impact of the renewal process has been the use of the COPQ metric.
Early successes indicate how the COPQ metric creates pull for Manufacturing Excellence best practices and how the original "POWER" concept still applies.
Activity-based costing with a COPQ flavor provides a strong tool to the EMS provider because it separates each customer's profit and loss to the task level.
However, in attracting top management attention, he introduced the concept called the costs of poor quality (COPQ) and advocated that quality improvement should be aimed at reducing continuously the COPQ that would result from product deficiencies while at the same time developing product features that meet customer needs.
Enhancing value to the customer through new and improved products and services; getting consistently uniform products and services by benchmarking; reducing variation, COPQ, and waste; reducing the number of defects (six-sigma quality or better); improving responsiveness and cycle time performance; and improving productivity and effectiveness in the use of all resources should be the objectives for continuous improvement of all operations and of all work unit activities of the organization.