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COPRAConsumer Protection Act
COPRACommission on Peer Review and Accreditation (National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration; Washington, DC)
COPRACustoms Overtime Pay Reform Act
COPRACombined Operations Personnel Records and Accounts
COPRACity of Phoenix Retirees Association (Arizona)
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Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Pinol said the increase in the use of coconut oil in the biodiesel program from two percent to five percent would effectively use up an estimated 200,000 MT tons of copra.
Filipino planters, the FFF said, could not immediately recoup their losses, as proposed measures to aid them from declining copra prices have been shelved or weakly implemented by the government.
6260, a tax of 55 centavos was imposed initially on the first sale of every 100 kilos of copra.
Keywords: copra byproducts; ether extract; gross energy; nutrient composition; prediction equation.
The market of coconut derivatives in the world is dominated by the Philippines, known as the world's largest copra producer.
Etherington was astonished to learn how rich the tradition around coconut is, but how poor the trade is (almost all in copra).
Unlike palm oil, which is grown in giant monoculture plantations, cocoa, copra (coconuts) and vanilla are cash crops that can be grown in village gardens, permaculture style, in-between other fruit and vegetables like banana, paw paw and cassava.
The consolidation of colonial rule in the early decades of the twentieth century coincided with the heyday of the island's prosperity but at the cost of a 'perilous dependency' on world copra prices and the undermining of traditional authority.