COPRECComité Professionnel de la Prévention et de Contrôle Technique dans la Construction (French)
COPRECCommand Post Record Capability Network
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mission PV, proofing of COPREC minutes of technical installations
Mission PV: gluing minutes COPREC technical installations.
Maintenance of Heritage Riviera Habitat: work plomberieles work will focus on: - the gas columns from the front boxes, domestic gas supplies for each unit, the supply of gas boiler-the cold water supply from the water meter general-ef networks DHW in flush or surface mounting in slabs-domestic sanitary housing, boiler feed and balloon delivery and installation of all equipment health-falling water Stormwater, and Wastewater valves and vents in the roof COPREC tests force them further breakthroughs in this consultation structurela passed under Order No.