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Methane is extracted from Sarmasu, Zau de Campie, Medias, Copsa Mica, Bazna, Nades, Deleni etc., and lignite in the North-Western area of the County of Covasna (Baraolt).
Copsa generates annual revenues of around CHF17m (USD18.4m/EUR13.8m) and employs 60.
Copsa Mica is located slightly north-west from the central part of Romania in the Tarnava hydrographic basin (Figure 1).
Copsa Mica in Romania--these and many other disasters testify to the
High concentrations of lead and cadmium powders were recorded in Baia Mare and the Copsa Mica, where frequencies exceeding of maximum allowable limits were over 85% in Baia Mare, respectively over 69% in Copsa Mica.
In 1934, the 7.4 km long, Copsa Mica-Medias pipeline was finalized and the Nades field began to be exploited.
In this case, we are moving faster, with larger steps towards an ecological collapse following the pace of increase in pollution in the past 10 years in relation to the decrease of green spaces, which could lead to another phenomenon like "Copsa Mica" Romania, the only other type.