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COPTCorporate Office Properties Trust (Columbia, MD)
COPTCaptain of the Port (US Coast Guard)
COPTCoin-Operated Pay Telephone
COPTCouncil on Police Training (Delaware)
COPTCompleted Procedure Turn
COPTCircum Oval Precipitin Test
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The Copts are Egyptians and respect Islam and the Prophet Mohamed.
Since the January 2011 uprisings, members of the Salafi Call also issued fatwas against Copts, including the prohibition of Muslims from congratulating them during the Christmas or Easter.
A few years have passed since there was a home winner in this competition and there are three local candidates this time: Alex Stevenson, of Whittington Heath, Dean Lake, of Moor Hall and Sam Hufton, of Copt Heath.
As such, the planners and perpetrators of the attack sought to cause an angry and violent backlash in all directions by the Copts, against the first suicide bombing of a Coptic target in Egypt, but which at the same time, is not the first attack to target Copts in the city.
Copts and the Orthodox Christians this year marked Easter a week later than Western churches, Lebanon's Maronites and the Armenians.
It is also encouraging that he appointed five Copts out of a fifteen-member scientific/technical advisory board of Egyptians living abroad.
In addition, lecture hall and seminar room spaces can be realized in an additional floor in the building COPT for the University of Cologne.
The biggest problem facing the country, prior to these significant elections, is the growing call of some Copts to boycott the elections in response to the Bloody Sunday events in Maspero that claimed more than 24 lives.
The status of the Copts affects all other Christian communities in the region.
Waesche has been with COPT and its predecessor companies since 1984.
The Copt Heath course is undoubtedly one of the finest in the Midlands and its heathland terrain has stood the test of time since it was designed by Harry Vardon in 1907 and tweaked by H S Colt in 1912.