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Cleonice Copus and the husband and the Rotary Club for their generosity.
She composes music for COPUS as well as for her solo recordings, other ensembles, and indie films; plays piano, guitar and percussion; has taught and encouraged musical growth in people from age 4-94; leads a "drumming as meditation" group.
[7.] Copus, K.A., 'From Core Periphery to Polycentric Development: Concepts of Spatial and Aspatial Peripherality', 2001, European Planning Studies, vol.
Copus, Chicago's Under-World: The Criminal Aspect, 27 ROSARY MAG.
The classroom observation protocol for undergraduate STEM (COPUS): A new instrument to characterize university STEM classroom practices.
Copus reported in Rosary Magazine, "The police department has promised to 'get after' the 'chop suey dump.'" The Chicago police chief ordered "rigid inspections at frequent intervals" of Chinese restaurants and ice cream parlors.
Prof Colin Copus, a leading authority on elected mayors, argues the success of the new mayor should not be judged on the turnout of this Thursday's election.
Prof Colin Copus, a leading authority on elected mayors, argues that the success of the mayor should not be judged on the turnout in today's election.
Being mediators between locales, they are interconnected and imbued by flows and networks not only at a local-regional level, but also nationally and internationally (see Rau, 2012; Stenbacka, 2012; Silva, 2012; Camarero, Sampedro, & Oliva, 2012; Du Bois, Copus, & Hedstrom, 2012; Hedberg & do Carmo, 2012).[iii]
Prof Colin Copus of De Montfort University in Leicester told a meeting of the Gorwel thinktank at the National Assembly that he expected there to be increasing resentment in England as people came to see themselves as marginalised.
The witnesses selected so far are Kevin Maton, Labour councillor; Clare Wightman, from the Grapevine charity; Stephen Banbury, Voluntary Action Centre Coventry; David Williams, Coventry Cathedral; Louise Bennett, Chamber of Commerce; Rachael Bermingham, local campaigner; and Colin Copus, politics professor at Leicester De Montfort University.
Nathan | Chris Copus, of Maldwyn's coaching team, said of Williams: "Considering she has lost so much training to injury her achievement is nothing short of amazing.