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COQCoenzyme Q (dietary supplement)
COQCertificate of Quality (various companies)
COQCoquitlam (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
COQCost Of Quality
COQCoût d'Obtention de la Qualité (French: Cost of Obtaining Quality)
COQControl of Quality
COQChannel Optimized Quantization
COQCentre Ostéopathique du Québec (French: Osteopathic Center of Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
COQCadet of the Quarter
COQCommanding Officer's Quarters
COQCertification of Qualification (NASA)
COQChernoff-Optimal Quantization
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Our past experiences have shown us that COQ and the like is just a cost game.
The upcoming Le Coq Rico in Manhattan will be Westermann's first fully owned restaurant in the United States.
130 - Shane Paduano, Coq, d Nathan Kelly, NB, forfeit.
Fahrlander incorporated Le Coq Currier's online discoveries into the design, treating them like pieces in a giant puzzle.
0 secs: Le Coq lowers the lollipop; Panis stops; Berger shoves the hose in, as a colleague holds up a fireproof board to stop any spilt fuel hitting the hot exhausts.
Paddy Power: 8 Take Five, 10 Ballylusky, 12 Back On Top, 16 Coq Hardi Diamond, Creon, Finians Ivy, I Can Imagine, Silver Steel, This Is Serious, 20 Ballyamber, Canon Barney, Dark Room, Jenniferjo, Secret Native, Stars Out Tonight, The Premier Cat, 25 bar.
Le Coq would become the sole owner of Osel Foods shares.
Susanne Linke's Le Coq est Mort grew out of workshops that the veteran German dance artist had conducted in Senegal.
Mr Harbour went ahead with his speech yesterday but he and his fellow guests at Le Preporus restaurant had to make do with coq au vin.
Sportswear firm Le Coq Sportif, who back the Bairns AND fellow finalists Kilmarnock, want both sides decked out in new strips for the Ibrox clash.