CORBANACorporación Bananera Nacional (Spanish: National Banana Corporation; Costa Rica)
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Diamantes, INTA (Paddock) 2 9 6-VIII-2008 Rio Palmas Hotel surrounding forest 10 4-IX-2008 San Pablo Banana Farm 11 4-IX-2008 28 Millas, CORBANA facilities 12 9-X-2008 Calinda Banana Farm 13 10-X-2008 6 years Organic Banana Farm, EARTH 14 11-II-2009 Tamesis Banana Farm 15 11-II-2009 Valquirias Banana Farm 16 12-III-2009 Bananos Dora Banana Farm 17 13-III-2009 Ecoturismo Banana Farm 18 8-VII-2009 La Estrella Banana Farm 19 16-IX-2009 Verde Azul Banana Farm Location code Detail 1 Cariari, Limon.
Jorge Sauma, president of the National Banana Corporation (CORBANA), told The Tico Times this week that analysts were already questioning the reform's compatibility with World Trade Organization (WTO) fairness norms.
The national growers' cooperative, Corbana, which includes the likes of Chiquita, Del Monte, and Dole, has directed its new environmental division to investigate pest-resistant banana strains and ways to reduce routine applications of pesticides.