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Corber rightly praises The City and the Pillar for "undermin[ing] the set of narratives available for representing gay male experience, narratives that reduced gay male identity to a form of gender inversion" (136).
The deal was announced in October 2012.Country: RussiaSector: Wholesale/Retail, Metals/MiningTarget: Corber Enterprises Limited, Raspadskaya OJSCBuyer: Evraz PlcDeal size in USD: 202mType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash & StockStatus: ClosedComment: The deal size refers to the cash portion of the price only.
As consideration for the acquisition, EVRAZ will (i) issue 132.7 million new shares representing 9.9% of the existing issued share capital of EVRAZ; (ii) issue 33.9 million new warrants to subscribe for 33.9 million new shares representing 2.53% of the existing issued share capital of EVRAZ, and (iii) pay an amount, in cash, of US$1,949.80 for each of 103,600 ordinary Corber shares, payable in four equal installments in Q1, Q2, Q3 2013 and Q1 2014.
Corber maintains that to merely regard the Cold War as a profoundly homophobic time when lesbian and gay life was "pathologically secretive and repressed" (29) is to miss what he calls the "queerness" of the period.
Corber, Robert J., Cold War Femme: Lesbianism, National Identity, and Hollywood Cinema, Duke University Press, Durham, NC, 2011, ISBN 9 7808 2234 9471, x+225 pp., US$23.95.
In his book In the Name of National Security, Robert Corber reads Roger's rebellion against the authority of Central Intelligence as a step toward heteronormativity, arguing that it becomes "more important for him at this point in the film to rescue Eve from Vandamm than to follow the Professor's instructions" because doing so will "return [him] to the private sphere where he can assume the role of breadwinner, a role that was considered crucial to maintaining the stability of postwar American society and that he has resisted throughout the film" (201).
the set of norms that make heterosexuality seem natural or right and that organize homosexuality as its binary opposite," which "maintain the dominance of heterosexuality by preventing homosexuality from being a form of sexuality, that can be taken for granted or go unmarked or seem right in the way heterosexuality can," thus allowing heterosexuality to operate hegemonically (Corber and Valocchi 4).
It features five top England internationals - Julian Shambrook, George Smith, Joe Archer, Pete Corber and Shane Russell.
The available studies (Bader, Blonder, Henriksen, & Strong, 1978; Corber, Barton, Nair, & Dulberg, 1984; Kaplan, 1978; Mathias, Sizto, Hazlewood, & Cocksedge, 1995) provide mixed results or changes to inspection frequency mixed with other regulatory changes (Mathias, Sizto, Hazlewood, & Cocksedge, 1995).
Corber & Stephen Valocchi eds., 2003) ("Queer social theory is committed to sexuality as an inescapable category of analysis, agitation, and refunctioning."); Stacey Young, Dichotomies and Displacement: Bisexuality in Queer Theory and Politics, in PLAYING WITH FIRE: QUEER POLITICS, QUEER THEORIES 51, 61 (Shane Phelan ed., 1997) (emphasizing the need to "challenge both the notion that identity categories represent epistemological certainties, and the notion that the uncertainties that do exist are located primarily at what we think of as the boundaries that demarcate one category from another."); cf.